Samuel Adams Winter Lager

During this day and age, beer drinkers know that most major breweries issue seasonal styles to help celebrate the coming of the new era. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages when the Germans, arguably the godfathers of great beer over the world, would concoct special brews and serve them to friends and family in great parties, eventually giving way to such notable festivals as Oktoberfest in Munich.

Lucky for lovers of fine beer here in America, the Boston Beer Company, better known to most as Samuel Adams, has carried this torch into the twenty first century. A far cry from the traditionally hop infused spring beers and the mellow, often fruit inspired crafts of the summer, the winter style is notoriously thick by comparison and puts to good use the full range of spices we in the Western World associate with delicious holiday foods.

The Samuel Adams Winter Lager may be the most popular among the winter seasonal brews, and for good reason. Whether imbibed straight from the dark glass of a twelve fluid ounce bottle or poured by your favorite bartender in a frosty pint glass straight from the tap at your local pub (my personal favorite way to enjoy it), the first thing the drinker will notice is the deep orange and red coloration, with a beautiful white, sticky head to top it off. Immediately the scents of orange peel, ginger, and coriander greet the nostrils and guarantee a real treat is in store.

A syrupy sweet caramel flavor overtakes the tongue with the first sip, with a carbonation level that stings just a bit but certainly satisfies as it makes its way to the back of the throat. The sweetness of the lager is very quickly subdued by a flash of controlled hop flavor and finally settles with a warmth that reminds one of mother’s freshly baked breads, right out of the oven. Imagine a desert roll that’s perfect for that great uncle of yours who was never a fan of those too sweet desserts like pecan pie or chocolate mouse. This could be likened to a hearty bread with just a hint of molasses, brown sugar, and malt. Perfect for after dinner enjoyment with family around a blazing fire.


My love for beer started when I came across this article of an old woman who testifies that beer is the secret to live longer. But of course, with moderation and with a really good beer in the market today, you should know your way out from being drunk. Just celebrate life with the world’s precious discoveries, and beer is definitely one of them.

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