Quality Food Preservation with Vacuum Packing

Food preservation vacuum packing is one of the best ways to keep the food fresh and healthy for long (source). Through vacuum packing, the food can be stored for many days without affecting the freshness and quality of the food. Vacuum packing was developed in the early 20th century by companies who wanted to save money and preserve food for long. The technique was mostly used by companies that wanted to increase the shelf life of their foods and also transport the food items over long distances. Food preservation vacuum packing is an easy and affordable way to protect and store the food.

What is food preservation vacuum packing?

Vacuum packing is a method of preserving and storing food without air, such as air-less jars, tins, and pouches to make it last long. This way the growth of micro-organisms is prevented because there is an airless environment and the food continues to remain fresh till many days. When food preservation vacuum packing is done, most of the bacteria and micro-organisms are expelled outside and a hygienic atmosphere is maintained for foods. Following are the main benefits of vacuum packing for food preservation:

Vacuum sealing and packing offers a convenient way of portion control for family meals. You can make portions of vegetables, fruits, and other meals and can make them last for months without being deteriorated. It allows you to save leftovers after making some great recipes for family.

Vacuum packing is very affordable, it makes you save a lot of food which otherwise gets ruined. This keeps the food very safe and hygienic for eating. Vacuum sealing also protects the food from freezer burn and dehydration. Freezer burn occurs in the food when water enters into it. The vacuum packing prevents water and air from coming in contact with the food and thus keeps it fresh.

Vacuum packing extends the shelf life so if you’re a shopkeeper and wants to save money, this is a good method to do so.

How to vacuum pack food?

Vacuum packing is very easy and can be done at home too. There are various equipment and machines available that can seal pack the food. These are called vacuum sealers and they remove air from the package before closing it. You can use the following things for food preservation vacuum packing:

Automatic Machine

An automatic machine starts the sealing process when a plastic bag is placed inside it. It uses sensors which start working when the button is pressed and the packet is placed inside it. The machine withdraws air from the plastic bag and starts sealing it. This method is used for sealing plastic bags or pouches.

Manual Pump

A manual pump can also be used for food preservation vacuum packing. The manual vacuum packing is done for containers or jars rather than plastic bags or pouches. To do so, a container with a nozzle should be used where the manual pump can be inserted for drawing the air. Once the air is drawn using the manual pump, the nozzle closes itself so that no air can enter it.

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