College Life: Why You Shouldn’t Let Money Matter so Much

There is a brief window of opportunity that occurs between the teenage years and a full-fledged adult – it’s called being a college student. This is the time in life, and it only comes around once, to experiment and experience what life has to offer. Free at last from parent’s rules, an individual has to decide what direction their life is headed in any number of areas. The intellectual and moral compass comes from with the framework of the core values established in the first eighteen years.

Too often, college students are more concerned with financial factors than the value of the experience. Student loans, part-time jobs, and career paths that present the most opportunity for a monetary reward crush the spirit of the adventure. In fact, those so deeply entrenched in mercenary pursuits fail to realize it is an adventure. For them, the college experience is just another step on the ladder to a larger cash jackpot. How sad it is, to squander all of youth’s finest offerings chasing the almighty dollar.

Why money should not matter so much in college life is in part due to the amazing number of recreational activities. Those of us way past our physical prime would love to be able to go back in time to play tag football on the quad, or participate in some coed intramural sports. There are so many things that a college student can do that don’t involve money that they probably outnumber the ones that require it. Just the human interaction with thousands of mostly like-minded people is a unique opportunity, and the chance to just sit and people watch while studying is entertaining.

To allow financial considerations to put a damper upon a magical episode in life’s journey is just plain foolish. What good is it to worry constantly about money when you know it will be at least four years, and possibly longer, before you have the ability to substantially earn any? So long as tuition, books, housing and food are covered with a little left over for pizza and beer, a college kid has it made. Study, party, have fun, chase girls, repeat – it’s a no-brainer college boy!

Ten years after college is over, does anyone believe the $2,000 some kid scrounged and saved in college will change their life? Probably not. Reality will set in, and as they sit listening to the kids wail and the wife complain, they will wish they had blown the money in Cabo on spring break. By then it’s too late, welcome to life.

This is not to encourage wasting your time and money for fun. The point of this article is to let every youngster know that while we try to set our goals and plans ahead for a good future, we should also not forget that we cannot turn back time. Start living a real life and set aside worries of your future for some time. Life is too short to just wake up and think of what your life would be in the next 5 or 10 years. Again, it’s just a personal opinion, based on my life experiences too. You will always have the perfect choice. But most of all, you will always be responsible for every decision you keep on making everyday. Find time to see what you are missing.

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